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Dent Knitters

Dent is known for many things such as Adam Sedgwick the Dent Vampire and its Terrible Knitters. Two centuries ago Dent had a thriving cottage industry, Knitting socks, Stockings, Caps and Gloves. It was a place where Men, Women and Children were all knitting at a furious pace, even when walking or doing other daily tasks.

The tale of the "terrible knitters of Dent" they were the most famous hand knitters of the Dales, and their amazing dexterity is recounted in full at the Centre, together with displays of the special tools involved and a collection of old photographs of the last few practitioners of this sadly now dying craft.

Until the early 19th century the dales men would knit, as well as the dales women and children. By holding one needle or 'prick' in a wooden knitting stick protruding from a belt, and the other in the right hand, the left hand was free to do another job, such as churning the butter or wrapping the cheeses. So knitting provided a welcome second income

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