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The Fall & Rise of George Hodgeson - The Dent Vampire

In 1621 Galileo invented the telescope, the Mayflower sailed from Plymouth and George Hodgeson was born in Dent dale. 

In 1715 George was buried in the corner of Dent Churchyard, that should have been the end of the story but, surprisingly, George began making regular appearances in and around Dent. The Dales are full of eccentric characters but this was undoubtedly more eccentric than usual.

Stories began to circulate about George’s previously blameless life. A “friend” recalled that George enjoyed a daily glass of sheep’s blood as a tonic. A neighbouring farmer put about the story, shamelessly lifted from an old witch legend, that he had seen a black hare one day. Raising his gun he had shot and wounded the creature, followed its bloody trail to George’s door where, surprise, surprise, he had looked through the window to see George tending a shotgun wound. Read More

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